deposit.pngWe help you to save and earn money.  To do this we designed a range of simple and intelligible certificate of deposit products, which will allow you not only to save money but also to earn a steady income.

We listen to your needs. In order to tackle a variety of financial tasks, CREDITWEST BANK offers you both traditional and innovative deposit products with flexible and attractive terms.

We respect your time. To process a deposit account with CREDITWEST BANK you need a minimum of effort and documents.

Classic Deposit
Classic Deposit is the most lucrative of our deposit products and is ideally suited for saving and accumulating excess funds.

Classic + Deposit
This is one of the most lucrative deposit products. Unlike Classic, interest is paid monthly instead of at the maturity date. Classic+ Deposit is suitable for saving excess funds and to regularly accumulate additional income.

VIP Deposit
VIP Deposit helps you to save and accumulate your money, with interest payment even in case of withdrawal before maturity date corresponding to  the flexible interest rates system.

Become Rich Deposit
Be Rich! Deposit allows to simultaneously save and accumulate your money due to capitalization of interest on your deposit account

«DIAMOND WEST» – the call deposit
Сall deposit combines the best properties of current and deposit accounts. Our clients get stable income from the reliable Bank in form of interest that accrues on funds and capitalizes on their account. More over the access to the funds is available at any time!

Placement of deposit (s) in the amount of 150 000 UAH. and more is done in the presence of documents confirming the origin of funds (another bank's statement of cash is not such a document).


Get advice on opening a deposit account by calling a client manager at: +38 (044) 365-00-05, +38 (044) 365-00-06 or visit one of our branches.