Foreign Currency Operations

Foreign Exchange Transactions
At CREDITWEST BANK, you can exchange foreign currencies (US dollars, euro) for hryvnia without commission fees and vice versa. You can also exchange foreign currency for another foreign currency (dollars for euro or vice versa). Currency exchanges are conducted at the bank’s currency rate at the moment of the transaction.

Purchase & Sale on Interbank Market of Ukraine
Individuals are able to take advantage of sales of foreign currency in the Interbank.
According to your request, CREDITWEST BANK buys, sells or exchanges the foreign currency at the exchange rate set by you personally. Purchased currency or UAH currency equivalent from sales credited onto your account in the day of transaction.
If you have any questions or need more information, our specialists will gladly help you in suitable time in our branches or via phones: +38(044) 365-00-05, +38(044) 365-00-06.