Current Account Opening

CREDITWEST BANK offers services in opening and maintaining current accounts in national and foreign currencies to individuals - residents and non-residents.

Deposit Products

We help you to save and earn money. To do this we designed a range of simple and intelligible certificate of deposit products, which will allow you not only to save money but also to earn a steady income.

Consumer Loans

There are many things in life that would be better to have here and right now than to wait when it becomes available to you.


CREDITWEST BANK offers you a modern, safe, and convenient way of making payments through credit and debit cards.

Foreign Currency Operations

At CREDITWEST BANK, you can exchange foreign currencies (US dollars, euro) for hryvnia without commission fees and vice versa. You can also exchange foreign currency for another foreign currency (dollars for euro or vice versa). Currency exchanges are conducted at the bank’s currency rate at the moment of the transaction.


PJSC "CREDITWEST BANK" cooperates with leading insurance companies, whose services complement the product line of the Bank, thereby providing customers additional protection.