Current Account Opening

CREDITWEST BANK offers services in opening and maintaining current accounts in national and foreign currencies to individuals - residents and non-residents.

Current  Account  i n  UAH
UAH current account allows you to safely invest your savings and withdraw and deposit money any time you want.

You can have your salary directly deposited onto the current account, or any other regular source of income, and can deposit and withdraw money anytime. You can make any money transfers or payments with this account. In addition, interest is accrued on your leftover balance every month.

FX Current Account
Through foreign currency current deposit account, you will earn more.

It’s convenient to use a foreign currency current account to make money transfers and payments in a foreign currency. If you have friends, relatives and business partners
abroad or if you simply travel often then FX current account is just what you need.

At CREDITWEST you can open a Dollar, Euro, Russian ruble and Turkish lira current account. This account can be used to make any money transfer worldwide in a particular currency.

If  you  have  any  questions  or  need  more  information, our specialists will gladly help you on phones: +38 (044) 365 00 05, +38 (044) 365 00 06.