By means of its own funds, CREDITWEST BANK seeks to help your business achieve the sustainable development. CREDITWEST BANK provides reliable borrowers with the loan funds properly, rather than declares the opportunity of that financing, even in the difficult period of crisis we have not suspended lending and are actively continuing to finance the business.

Corporate Overdraft

Corporate Overdraft is a technology of financing the current account of the borrower to make payments in the absence of its own funds on the current account.

Corporate Credit Line

Corporate Credit Line is the possibility to receive multiple loans (tranches) in the limit of renewable (revolving) credit line.

Corporate Credit / Non-revolving Credit Line

Corporate Credit / Non-revolving Credit Line is a "Classic" type of financing, in other words this is granting of a credit on the current account of the borrower with one sum or not more the specified limit of the non-revolving credit line to further finance a particular transaction

Loan under Deposit

Loan under Deposit is a credit program of CREDITWEST BANK. Under its terms the property rights on deposit funds is taken as a collateral. At the same time, loan currency may not reflect with the deposit currency as well as deposits may be made in several currencies.