JSC “CREDITWEST BANK is the authorized subagent of international money transfer system Western Union


Western Union – an international system of express money orders, which allows sending and receiving money within a few minutes at more than 550 000 agent locations in more than 200 countries.​

Western Union was founded in 1851. As of today Western Union is the world leader in the field of money transfers by private individuals without opening bank accounts, handling tens of millions of money transfers annually.

Western Union payment service provider’s name and location:

The Western Union’s payment service provider is Western Union Network (France) SAS.
Location: 92095 France, 5-6 Place de l'Iris, Paris la Defense CEDEX

 Western Union’s benefits:

  • Money transfers via Western Union are effected within a few of minutes and could be sent or received at any agent location of Western Union all over the world;
  • The sender will bear all fees for the money transfer;
  • Recipient of money transfer can visit any Western Union agent location in recipient’s country;
  • To conduct transactions via the Western Union system neither sender nor recipient needs to open a bank account with the Bank (except for cases stipulated by the legislation)
  • High level of safety guarantees that money transfer will be paid exclusively to a stated recipient

Types of Western Union money transfer services provided by JSC “CREDITWEST BANK”:

  • paying out money transfers to individuals (residents and non-residents) received from abroad or within Ukraine from individuals (residents or non-residents)

Types of currencies for transfers via Western Union (payment of transfers):

·            UAH (payment of transfers sent within Ukraine)

·            USD (payment of transfers sent from abroad);

·            EUR (payment of transfers sent from the countries defined by Western Union);

Currency exchange rate:

For foreign currency transfers exchange rate is set by Western Union three times per day. A currency exchange rate is communicated to the customer during money transfer operation.

General Terms and Conditions for Money Transfers

Please find more detailed information on Western Union website at

How to receive a money transfer via Western Union at CREDITWEST BANK:

  1. Apply to CREDITWEST BANK located at: Ukraine, 01054, Kyiv city, Leontovycha Street, 4, letter “A, A1”.
  2. Fill-in a form «For receiving money», indicating last name and first name of the sender, the sender’s country, amount of the transfer and the checking number of the transfer.
  3. Submit your passport or other personal identification document.
  4. After the bank operator verifies all the required data, receive the amount of transfer

You can verify the status of a transfer via Western Union on official site of Western Union, if you know money transfer checking number and the name of the sender or the names of the sender and the recipient.

Availability of money for recipients

The amounts of the money transfer issued via Western Union are available within a few minutes.

Procedure for resolution of disputes between participants and users of money transfer system:

All disputes arising between participants and users* of Western Union money transfer system must be settled by means of negotiations, and in court according to the applicable law of Ukraine.

* - users of Western Union money transfer system are senders and recipients of transfers

Contact details:


Location:  Ukraine, 01054, Kyiv city, Leontovycha Street, 4, letter “A, A1”.

tel.  +38(044) 365-00-05, +38(044) 365-00-06

To receive or send money transfer via Western Union, talk to one of our client managers by calling +38(044) 365-00-05, +38(044) 365-00-06 or visit one of our branches.