clb.jpg"Client-Bank" system will allow you to manage an account of your company in CREDITWEST BANK quickly, easily and securely.

This service gives you opportunities to:

  • Payments remotely - from your office
  • Control of cash flow online
  • Fill payment documents quickly
  • Receive real time bank information etc.

Advantages of the "CLIENT-BANK" system:    
  • A visit to the bank is not required for non-cash payments
  • Processing of payment orders, money transfer requests, memorial orders, other payment documents is automated to the maximum. An employee of your company prepares a payment document in electronic form only once
  • Information security is guaranteed by a certified system of multilevel security. Every transaction is confirmed by an electronic signature which requires secret code and an electronic key on data storage device (USB flash drive, HDD, Floppy disk, etc)

You can get more detailed advice on the service by calling our bank manager at +38(044) 365-00-05, +38(044) 365-00-06, or visit one of our branches.