Payment cards usage for making payments via the Internet

  • PIN-code is not applicable to make payments via the Internet.
  • Please read the rules of data transfer protection before making payments - a preference should be given to the companies connected to the program «Verified by Visa» and «Secure Code».
  • Never send your card number, card account, PIN, CVV-code via an e-mail.
  • Do not reply to e-mails in which on behalf of a bank you are offered to provide personal information or information on your credit cards - a bank does not send such e-mails. If you receive this e-mail, please notify the bank.
  • Print out and keep copies of your orders' confirmation via the Internet.
  • Make payments on sites that you trust. Do not use Internet resources with questionable content.
  • Ensure the existence, relevance and accuracy of addresses (telephones) indicated by the seller.
  • Do not use sites without additional protection of data transferring (site address should begin with «https», rather than «http»).
  • Set passwords that are not associated with the day of your birth or other personal data to avoid the possibility of their selection while registering on web sites.
  • Set appropriate limits on your card on the amount of transactions before making any payments using the card via the Internet.