Payment cards usage for
reservation at the hotel and payment services
Contact a hotel (telephone, fax or e-mail) and inform the following data to book a room in any corner of the world:

  • full name;
  • payment card number and expiration date;
  • term of stay at the hotel - date, time of arrival and departure.

A hotel staff will inform you:

  • Order Code (confirmation code), which is the official confirmation that the room booked. It is advisable to obtain written confirmation;
  • Rules of a hotel and terms of a reserve cancellation if you will not able to check into a hotel within the stipulated date.

This term may not exceed 72 hours before the time to check into a hotel. If you cancel an order, the hotel will inform you the code of order cancellation (cancellation code). It is advisable to obtain written confirmation that reservations were canceled and keep it in case of a dispute.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that a hotel has the right to debit the cost of one night's accommodation in the hotel from your card account in the following cases:
  • If you don't occupy a room within one day of the agreed settlement date;
  • If booking of the room has not been canceled within the deadline.

At the time of an assignment, a hotel staff will ask you to give him your card for pre-authorization - an appropriate amount of funds to pay the cost of hotel services will be blocked on your card account (such as bar services, a safe, food, etc.). The final calculation and writing off the cost of accommodation will be done by the hotel staff from your card account in the day of your departure. For payment confirmation by credit card you will receive a check that you should sign if you agreed with the indicated amount in it.

At the time of calculating, you must control to the amount of booking funds has been unlocked before writing off the amount from your card.

A hotel has the right to debit your card account for offsetting services you used in the hotel, but which were not considered at the time of your departure (for instance: the cost of food and beverages). The maximum period is 90 days during which the hotel has right to make such charge-offs.

Bank is not responsible for the hotel's violation of the above procedures and rules.