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Let us inform you that starting from 1st of July, 2014 the US Law «Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act» (hereinafter - FATCA) came into force.

FATCA was approved by the US Congress to implement effective mechanism of detection, prevention and suppression of US tax evasion by US citizens and tax residents of the United States of America through direct or indirect allocation of funds outside of the USA through non-US Financial Institutions.

FATCA Compliance

According to FATCA bank accounts of US taxpayers are subject of control.

PJSC "CREDITWEST BANK" (hereinafter - the Bank) is registered on the IRS website as financial institution that fulfills the requirements of FATCA.

Global Identification Number of the agent (GIIN) of PJSC "CREDITWEST BANK": GXBI8M.99999.SL.804.

Pursuant to the requirements of FATCA Bank is obliged to carry out due diligence of all customers who have or open bank accounts, which may require filling in additional documents by the Bank's customers and, in case the US taxpayers are detected, to send information about such accounts and their owners to the US Tax Office.

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