"CREDITWEST Bank" expands the range of deposit products for individuals.

Focusing on the needs of the market and customers' requests "CREDITWEST BANK" offers the new deposit product - the call deposit "DIAMOND WEST".

"DIAMOND WEST" is an effective way to accumulate customers’ money and savings with unlimited access to their funds. The main difference between "DIAMOND WEST" and other deposits offered by "CREDITWEST BANK" is a combination of the best properties of current and deposit accounts:

Stable income. Income from the reliable bank accrues on funds and capitalizes on customer’s account;
Capitalization of interest. Monthly capitalization of accrued interest allows the customer to earn even more. Our clients do not have to spend time on visiting offices and paperwork;
Free replenishment – allows our customers to replenish deposit amount through the bank;
Free access to your money. Access to your funds at any convenient time.

In addition, the call Deposit is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Individuals of Ukraine.
If you want to find out more information on this product visit our nearest вranch, call by telephone