Security measures during ATMs’ cash advance
We'd like to offer your kind attention the continuing series of CREDITWEST BANK articles dedicated payment cards' security.

The following tips will help You to reduce the risk of the ATM usage to a minimum:

  1. Before You come up to ATM observe the ATM location. If You find out suspicious persons near You use another ATM.
  2. Before You use the ATM check the ATM’s façade, make sure that ATM works: there is the advertising of Bank’s products, campaigns or endorsement “Insert Your Card”. If You observe strange equipment, wires or the traces of structural changes and ATM’s screen doesn’t show any warnings about this – use another ATM.
  3. Be cautious if someone proposes You his/her help, even if You have some problems in cash advance. Don’t enter PIN-code before person who tries to help You, don’t pass PIN-code to other people, avoid to be distracted during cash advance because in this time thieves may steal Your payment card or cash from ATM.
  4. If there is queue behind You make sure that nobody may check Your PIN-code.
  5. Be close to ATM during cash advance.
  6. Enter PIN-code only when it asked by ATM.
  7. Be attentive during PIN-code entering. If You enter 3 times wrong PIN-code, payment card will be blocked. To unblock You payment card apply to CREDITWEST BANK’s call center 0-800-501-800 (within Ukraine free of charge) and 044 569 91 03 in office time from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. or to our Bank partner “UkrExim Bank” 0 800 50 44 50 (within Ukraine free of charge) and 044 247 38 38 (24/7).
  8. Pay attention that amount of one cash advance may be limited by Bank that serves the ATM. In such cases in order to receive all wished amount– make several cash advance operations.
  9. Always save all printed ATM’s checks.
  10. If You have suspicions that ATM doesn’t work right push button “Cancel”, take Your payment card and use another ATM. If the cash advance problem emerges after amount is entered - don’t leave the ATM until the operation is finished or ATM informs You that operation is declined or proposes You to make new operation.
  11. Don’t forget to take Your payment card when cash advance is finished.