According to the results of diagnostic inspection which was carried by the NBU, considering stress scenarios, PJSC "CREDITWEST BANK" does not require the capital increase.

It is evidence of high reliability and stability of the Bank, which is confirmed by the NBU decisions and conclusions.

The results of stress testing prove that shareholders and management of the Bank are fully understand all existing and potential risks in banking activity and demonstrate a high level of shareholder`s management (Turkish Joint Stock Company "Altinbas Holding Anonim Sirketi") and management of the Bank

Important role in these results is the international experience of shareholders, implemented in the Bank. The level of capital adequacy according to results of diagnostic inspection, considering forecast stress scenario is higher (by 6 times) than minimum value established by the NBU.

All normative ratios of PJSC "CREDITWEST BANK" significantly exceed the minimum require level established by the NBU. Bank demonstrate the considerable stock of capital and liquidity, can reach the targets of development strategy with confidence.