Dear Customers!

We would like to inform you that by the Resolution of the Board of the NBU dated 26.09.2019 №118 “On amendment of the resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine of December 28, 2018 №162” we have decided to extend the possibility of filling a pair of details in the documents for transferring of the money until 12 January 2020.

That is, up to and including 12 January 2020, banks will accept documents for transfer of funds in which either a couple of “Bank Code” and “Account” details or IBAN standard account has been completed and from January 13, 2020, the bank will accept documents filled ONLY with an IBAN standard.

Please, pay attention to the necessity from January 13, 2020 to fill the information about an IBAN in the details in export-import agreements for conducting currency transactions.

In case of receipt of export proceeds to the accounts without specifying an IBAN, no funds will be credited.

Sincerely, JSC "Bank CREDITWEST"